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Single Step Games is an independent game studio located in Columbus, OH and was founded in 2016.

Single Step Games is operated by sole developer, Steve Westhoff, who has experience designing for AAA studios, such as Sony Online Entertainment and Disney Interactive.


Psyche Soldier VR (2017, HTC Vive™, Oculus Touch™)


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After working in Austin, Texas as a game designer on a several published AAA projects, undisclosed intellectual properties, and mobile games, Steve wanted to bring professional game development to Columbus, Ohio, where his family currently resides. He knew his bold and ambitious venture into the independent games space would be challenging and require him to learn the new skills necessary to make a game independently. Steve's vision is to build upon success and aims to grow his studio's size and scope. This journey, however difficult, would be approached a single step at a time, hence the company was named to reflect that simple yet determined approach.

A major milestone has been reached in this thousand mile journey, the first official release has been achieved! Psyche Soldier VR is now available on Steam for HTC Vive™ and Oculus Touch™.


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Video And Content Creation Policy

Single Step Games permits you to create, publish, and stream videos, either free or monitized, by using video footage from games made by Single Step Games.
Written permission is not necessary to create such content.

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Psyche Soldier VR


What if renowned Psychoanalyst, Carl Jung, were to have made a Virtual Reality game? It would have been something like Psyche Soldier VR.

Psyche Soldier VR is a challenging, truly dynamic, duck-and-dodge shooting gallery game that takes place in the player's subconscious. Players cast light energy to battle against the shadow aspects of their psyche in seven different themed missions: Agency, Attachment, Fear, Procrastination, Shame, Stress, and Perfection. Each mission features unique enemies related to the theme along with a challenging Boss Fight! In addition, there is a Secret Boss Fight! There's even a dog you can play fetch with in the menu area, who can also appear as an energy form in the subconscious to save the player from failure.

Unlike games with a passive shield, the action-based Power Up ability is both defensive and offensive -- surrounding, protecting, increasing damage, and strengthening slowing power with the press of a button. Add that to the five Caster abilities, the Spotlight slow, the Energy Collect channel ability, the fluid energy system, and the 18 different enemy types, and what you get is an on-the-fly strategic and athletic game that truly uses the dual controller and room scale aspects of VR, making it unlike any other!

There is an experience-based upgrade system to empower your abilities and chances, and four difficulties to test your skill: Easy, Normal, Mentalist, and Psychonaut. There's also an infinite wave Endurance mode with a leaderboard where you can see how deep into your subconscious and how high up the ranks you can go!


Single Step Games

Release Date

December 15, 2017


HTC Vive™

Oculus Touch™



ESRB Rating

E10+ (Fantasy Violence, Mild Language, Crude Humor)

File Size



Digital Download via Steam

Steam Features

Trading Cards

Achievement Support

Cloud Saving

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Regular Price

USD $9.99


  • Shoot-and-dodge in this truly dynamic and fun game

  • Activate your Power Up for an exciting rush

  • Experience the time distorting Psychic Slow-Mo

  • Play 7 missions, 18 different enemies, and 8 unique Boss Fights

  • Entertain yourself in near-invincible 'Easy' difficulty for an enlightening experience

  • Challenge yourself in 'Normal,' 'Mentalist,' and 'Psychonaut' difficulties

  • Rise in the Leaderboard with the endless 'Endurance Mode'

  • Earn experience and improve your powers with 18 upgrades

  • Play fetch with a dog or break glass jars in the menu area


After experiencing a few virtual reality shooting gallery games that were fun but somehow lacking, Steve saw an opportunity to make a truly dynamic game that delivers physical action, on-the-fly strategy, and split targeting. Wanting to expand beyond the 'stand-behind-a-shield-and-spray' playstyle that has dominated most VR shooting gallery games, Steve created a design that includes an active power up that is tied to a resource, a large variety of enemies, and completely separate abilities for each of the player's hands. With the gameplay design complete, what remained were a setting and story.

When discussing a book, "The Divided Mind" by Dr. John E. Sarno, with a friend, the idea of battling psychic shadows in the subconscious using light and energy brought all of the dynamic elements desired neatly together. With all the elements ready, Steve immediately got started and worked relentlessly until the vision was brought into reality... virtual reality.

Psyche Soldier VR is available now on Steam for HTC Vive™ and Oculus Touch™.

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Psyche Soldier VR - Duck And Dodge Psyche Soldier VR - Dynamic

Psyche Soldier VR - Perfection Mission Psyche Soldier VR - Shame Mission

Psyche Soldier VR - Stress Mission Psyche Soldier VR - Trippy

Psyche Soldier VR - All Enemies Psyche Soldier VR - Tunnel Banner

Psyche Soldier VR - Header Capsule Psyche Soldier VR - Large Capsule

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Design: Steve Westhoff

Programming: Steve Westhoff

Art: Unity Asset Store, Steve Westhoff, Lisa Westhoff


Audio: Steve Westhoff, Lisa Westhoff, Unity Asset Store

Thanks: Lisa Westhoff, Cory Jackson