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In a parallel universe, there exists a civilization of robots so advanced they discovered our world...

The robots bridged their world to ours through virtual reality! Immediately fascinated with our way of being, the robots put their factories into overdrive, making mountains of excess human products. Proud of their creations, the products were shown to the humans. The robots' world changed when one of the humans accidentally bumped into a glass jar, breaking it on the ground...

The intense emotional reaction of the humans intruiged the robots so much, they insisted more glass jars be broken. The amusement was contagious, triggering a robotic obsession that spawned the most popular robot show of all time, "Smash for Cash"!

Robots have been enticing humans through virtual reality to participate in the show. Contestants break a large variety of objects while aiming for high scores and discovering all of the entertaining surprises the robots have hidden in each stage.

Are you the next virtual reality star? Play "Smash for Cash" in BREAK STUFF VR to find out!

The robots are watching...

BREAK STUFF VR screenshot

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