Steve Westhoff

Programmer - C#, Pl/sql, Java, Lua, Kismet

Game Designer - Technical/Systems

Web Developer - Html5, Css, JavaScript

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Professional Summary

I am a highly capable programmer and game designer with more than 13 years of experience. I have worked independently, and with a team, to successfully plan, coordinate, implement, and develop content and technical systems on projects ranging from weekend-long game jams to multi-year long award winning AAA games. As a goal-driven, positive person, I strive to create the highest quality work. I am a resourceful professional with experience designing and programming in visual and text-based languages, and have led teams through the development lifecycle process. I've written design documents and scripted instructional web pages; mentored and tasked team members; as well as evaluated and wrote reports on content quality and technical systems effectiveness. I am certified in HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and Game Scripting. I've programmed game content and cinematic sequences; complex ETL interfaces in PL/SQL; web services and automated tools in Java; and an entire virtual reality (VR) game in C#. Currently, I'm leading the development of a global medical application for both VR and WebGL, as well as a second VR game in C# using Unity.

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Career Competency Highlights

"Steve is one of the stronger developers on the team and is always going above and beyond to expand his knowledge even further... and has even begun to pick up on several areas of DBA expertise. He is always willing to take on any new challenges and is an extremely exceptional independent worker. I know I can depend on him when we face issues occurring in production. He has saved literally hundreds of hours. Steve also delivers exceptional code fixes, scripts, and documentation, ensuring that we meet our SLA's with his quality work. It's wonderful to work with such an independent, trustworthy, and exceptional employee." ~ Kara Donaldson, Operations Support Manager

"Steve is one of the best technical designers and scripters I've worked with. He was stuck with a set of rough tasks and managed to master them. His work was far above what I could have hoped for and he handled numerous difficult issues with a great attitude and work ethic. I would have him on any team I'm part of." ~ Bill Sullivan, Senior Designer

"Any tasks assigned to Steve were always handled efficiently and he often went the extra mile, improving upon the initial design...offering solutions on how to get the same or better results. I often felt that his work was well above his level, allowing me to assign him the same tasks I would a much more senior designer and expect great results." ~ Nik Johansson, Senior Designer

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Work Experience


Lead Developer, May 2018 - Present

Single Step Games

Lead Game Developer, September 2016 - Present


Software Development Senior Analyst (Interface Developer, M&O Team), May 2013 - September 2016

Disney Interactive - Junction Point Studio

Associate Game Designer (Technical Designer), June 2011 - March 2013

Sony Online Entertainment

Associate Game Designer (Content Designer), August 2009 - March 2011

Whirled World Studios

Project Lead and Designer, June 2009 - May 2010

Heatwave Interactive

Design Intern, February 2009 - June 2009

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Programming Languages

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Computer Skills

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Credits and Awards

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